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December 30, 2006 at 6:10 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

i don’t even know what to say anymore. i mean, it is apparent that i think about Goddess Devon all the time. my daily routine consists of thinking about Goddess all the time. i was so disappointed this morning when i woke up because my password to Goddess’ website no longer works. i hope that i did not upset Goddess Devon last night.

i was lucky enough to speak to Goddess Devon last night. my heart pounds so hard and fast any time i am able to speak to Goddess Devon it is unreal what She does to me physically and mentally. i have day dreams of kneeling down at Goddess Devon’s feet while She mocks me. i envision Her as She sits on that bench covered in fur. Her leather boots dangling near my face. i can Her the contempt in Her voice. the amusement She gets from seeing me cower under Her control. what is wrong with me? i guess the list grows longer every day!

anyway, go call Goddess Devon now to see if She will allow you to serve in Her stable. it will be the best decision you ever make. at the bottom of this link, you can see the picture of Goddess Devon sitting on the bench… unbelievable!!! see for yourself by clicking on the link.


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December 29, 2006 at 3:50 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

how fortunate can a slave be? well, i decided to log onto yahoo tonight. not sure why, i just did. and i have to be honest, it was the best move i’ve made in quite some time. Goddess Devon told me to call Her. i literally put my last bit of money in my account and was able to hear Goddess Devon’s heavenly voice.

Goddess Devon wants me to add more commentary to this tribute blog and to be more readily available to Her. i hope to eventually give Goddess Devon everything that She deserves. i can’t stop thinking about Goddess Devon, and listening to Her voice tonight only reinforces Her control over me.

i was just thinking about it… She told me to add money to my account and i did. Goddess told me to call Her, and i did. She hung up on me and told me to call Her again, and i did. She told me to pay for an email message from Her and i did. Goddess told me to leave feedback on everything, and i did. Goddess told me to write a post in this blog, and i am doing that right now. and do you know what i am thinking about as i do all these things? i am thinking that i hope this pleases Goddess Devon. i hope that Goddess will allow me to stick around in Her stable so that i can serve Her.

i am totally smitten by Goddess Devon. She has me in Her control and i love it.

anyone who is afraid of calling Goddess Devon, you should be. i was. but i have to be honest – i am glad i did. i love speaking to Goddess Devon. i love looking at Her. i love doing little tasks for Goddess Devon. i am glad Goddess Devon has control over me because i am then lucky enough to be able to serve Her. one can only be so lucky as to have Goddess Devon in their lives.

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December 29, 2006 at 2:33 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

another day and another couple of hours obsessing over Goddess Devon. if you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you can pretty much tell that my life now revolves around the most beautiful Goddess in the world. i wake up and think of Goddess Devon. i go to work and think of Goddess Devon. i come home and think of Goddess Devon. the only difference between thinking of Goddess Devon at work and home is that at home i am able to vote for Goddess’ sites, write in Her tribute blog, and stare at Her beautiful images online. you can check out some of Her pictures here: http://www.exclusivelydevon.com

that brings me to my point for today’s blog… Goddess Devon is gorgeous. i can sit here for hours (and i do) and look at all of Her pictures online. how lucky am i? well, it’s true, i do feel fortunate that i am able to look at Goddess in so many different poses and outfits. i’ve been trying to think which picture i find the most appealing. i’ve been thinking for hours and i can’t come up with one. it’s like seeing the sunset every day of your life and determining which one was the best – almost an impossible task.

at times, i think the picture of Goddess Devon lying down with Her hair in a ponytail with the bottle of champaign and Her heels in the air. at other times, it is the picture on keen where She is wearing those black boots and sitting on that white fur covered bench – She looks smoking hot in that picture. at other times it’s those pictures of Her wearing a business suit and smoking a cigar. and then there are all those other pics that drive me (and probably any male) absolutely crazy.

Goddess Devon is truly that – a Goddess. No, correction – Goddess Devon is THE Goddess.

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my x-mas wishlist

December 23, 2006 at 4:05 pm (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

when i was growing up, this time of year was the best. i looked forward to it all year and then then about a month before x-mas i used to dream about all the stuff i was going to get or hoped to get. now, all i want to do is give – and not to charities or to people i daily interactions with. no. i want to give to Goddess Devon. one day, i hope to give Goddess Devon everything and anything that Her heart desires.

as i’ve mentioned before, my funds aren’t exactly up to snuff. hopefully soon though, i’ll be able to do more and more for Goddess Devon. She does deserve it – and more.

well, as you can imagine, i woke up again this morning thinking of Goddess Devon, so i logged on to see some of Her pictures. i noticed that i received a message from Goddess through talksugar. unfortunately i still don’t have enough credit to open the mail. hopefully within the week i’ll be able to see what Goddess Devon has said to me. i can hardly wait!

remember – serve Goddess Devon, and your life will have meaning.

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Goddess Devon

December 23, 2006 at 5:14 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

i really can’t think of anything to say about Goddess Devon – other than the obvious – that She is the ultimate Goddess in the world. i wish i could be a fly on Her wall so that i was able to gaze upon Her beauty 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

i forgot to mention the other day that Goddess Devon renamed me on the keen site. i am now known as lozer4GoddessDevon. i think it is an appropriate moniker.

xmas is coming and all i can think about is finding a way to give something to Goddess Devon. i can’t even give gifts this year to anyone i know because my cards are maxed out and i don’t get paid agian till the end of the month. even still, i am trying to figure a way to get Goddess Devon another gift card to VS. every time i think of giving more to Goddess Devon i get so excited. Goddess Devon owns me.

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December 22, 2006 at 2:13 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

geez… i was just thinking about something (other than Goddess Devon, although totally related)… i am sooo addicted to Goddess Devon’s beauty. i mean here i am blogging every night since i last spoke to Goddess and telling whoever is smart enough to listen that i am totally 100% smitten by the most beautiful Goddess in all the world. i want and crave the opportunity to serve Her. i dream of pleasing Her. i need to be humiliated by Her. all i want to do is speak to Her. to be a part of Her world. how pathetic? well maybe, but i guess if you think so, you just don’t understand Her power over little subs like me.

Goddess Devon is the ultimate Goddess. i been looking at Her websites for days. i saw the video of Her houseboy kneeling down and answering Goddess Devon’s questions and longed to be in his position one day. how awesome would that be? wow, what a lucky being he is. my pin sized member grows hard just thinking about Goddess Devon.

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December 21, 2006 at 12:11 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

well, just got home from work and immediately went to complete Goddess Devon’s assignment for tonight – vote on Her toplists and write in this blog to worship Her beauty, Her mind, Her persona, Her entire being. unfortunately, i am not able to vote yet, as i am apparently home earlier today than yesterday. i will wait another hour and then go back to vote. hopefully i will be able to vote by then.

just a quick update about my day today, which was again full of random thoughts of Goddess Devon. i actually got to work late today because i couldn’t go to work without first booting up the ‘ol pc and viewing the pictures of Goddess Devon on Her website. i have to tell you, i totally got wrapped up in Her beauty. i didn’t even realize what time it was. i almost called in sick today so that i could look at Her all day long, but thought better of it. i came to the realization that i now work in order to give to Goddess Devon and need to make a more concerted effort to improve my performance at work as it may lead to a bonus or promotion – so that i could give it all to the most deserving Goddess in the world – Goddess Devon.

i totally recommend checking out Goddess Devon’s websites – She is the prettiest thing these eyes have ever seen. you are just doing yourself a disservice trying to deny yourself Goddess Devon’s presence in your life. if you’re lucky, Goddess Devon will allow you to serve Her.

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Musings of a lozer

December 20, 2006 at 12:51 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

what’s new in the life of devonslozer? well, besides my mind belonging totally to Goddess Devon, not much. as soon as my alarm went off this morning, my mind was thinking about Goddess Devon and it hasn’t stopped. i think my mind is already fully programmed as Goddess Devon’s. i am constantly thinking about Her, hoping that She is doing well, and wondering what i could do to make Her life even better than it already is. now, mind you, i am fairly certain that there is very little i could do that would actually improve Goddess’ life. i mean, Her life would be magnificent with or without me rummaging around. i can only hope that i can amuse Her in some way.

as soon as i came in from work today, i immediately went to vote for Goddess Devon’s toplist sites. i wish i could vote for them all night to let all the slaves of the world know that Goddess Devon is the best in the world and that there is no one else that can hold a candle to Her amazing self.

i forgot to mention yesterday that i have applied for another credit card in order to hopefully give Goddess Devon more of what She deserves – which is everything and anything that She wants. i hope to hear back from them soon, as i crave to give more. it hurts so good to give me. i went online today to look at my bank statement. i almost threw up when i saw my double digit balance. but then i thought about Goddess Devon and that She would probably be smiling and/or laughing if She could actually see my account. i also was wondering what Goddess was able to get from VS from the egift card i was able to give Her. i wish i could see Goddess Devon in whatever She decided to buy – wow, what a treat that would be.

thank You Goddess Devon for allowing me to post about You and my servitude to You and Your Greatness.

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Totally Consumed

December 19, 2006 at 4:01 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

my mind, although probably as small as my member – maybe even smaller, is totally consumed by Goddess Devon. every second of every minute of the day is being spent thinking about Goddess Devon.

i am sitting here at home, wondering how Goddess is doing. i hope that She has had a great day and an even better night. i sit here wondering if She will aprove of these posts. i can’t stop thinking about Goddess.

as soon as i got home today, i immediately went to vote for Her sites on all the links She has given me. i sat here hoping that this would please Goddess. this is the first day in the past 3 where i haven’t spoken directly to Goddess Devon. wow – i can’t believe that it is affecting me this much. i keep looking at my email, looking for any sign of Goddess wanting to communicate with me. i was soooo excited when Goddess actually left comments to some of the posts on this site. but i crave more. i’ve visted all of Goddess’ sites and have been staring at Her beautiful image all night long.

i have such a strong desire to win Goddess Devon’s approval. i hope that Goddess sees this post and commands me to do something else for Her amusement. every time i think of doing more for Her i get scared. i want to become the best slave Goddess Devon has under Her control. i wish i knew how to make this site better for Her.

i have been on keen’s site tonight for a couple of hours, just watching and re-watching the video clip Goddess Devon put out there. Goddess made that video from the first night that i called Her. it reminds me of the day that i started the process of becoming a Devonite.
i have entered into Goddess Devon’s charity program. this is Goddess’ definition of the program:
Goddess Devon “designed this program to bring out those who are truly commited to serving and becoming a real loyal obediant pet for a beautifully hot and terribly manipulative young seductress… if you wish to finally have your place in this world, feel some self-worth, begin a daily worship routine of servitude all to a true modern day Cleopatra that wouldn’t give you the time of day otherwise then you know what to do don’t you tool…” Obey and worship Goddess Devon. you can sign up through the keen link to the right.

Goddess Devon is truly superior in all ways.

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December 18, 2006 at 11:51 pm (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

it is tough going to work when all i can think about is the most beautiful Goddess in the entire universe. woke up this morning, and thought about Goddess Devon. took a shower, and thought about Goddess Devon. tried to work, and all i thought about was Goddess Devon. all i want to think about is Goddess Devon.

She is the most beautiful person in the entire world. Goddess Devon knows my place in the universe, and i am quickly learning too. it is to serve Goddess Devon the way She deserves to be served. it seems like i can’t even put together coherent thoughts anymore, because every time i think of something Goddess Devon’s image pops into my head, or Her voice echos deep inside my ears.

thank You Goddess. i adore You.

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