December 29, 2006 at 2:33 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

another day and another couple of hours obsessing over Goddess Devon. if you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you can pretty much tell that my life now revolves around the most beautiful Goddess in the world. i wake up and think of Goddess Devon. i go to work and think of Goddess Devon. i come home and think of Goddess Devon. the only difference between thinking of Goddess Devon at work and home is that at home i am able to vote for Goddess’ sites, write in Her tribute blog, and stare at Her beautiful images online. you can check out some of Her pictures here:

that brings me to my point for today’s blog… Goddess Devon is gorgeous. i can sit here for hours (and i do) and look at all of Her pictures online. how lucky am i? well, it’s true, i do feel fortunate that i am able to look at Goddess in so many different poses and outfits. i’ve been trying to think which picture i find the most appealing. i’ve been thinking for hours and i can’t come up with one. it’s like seeing the sunset every day of your life and determining which one was the best – almost an impossible task.

at times, i think the picture of Goddess Devon lying down with Her hair in a ponytail with the bottle of champaign and Her heels in the air. at other times, it is the picture on keen where She is wearing those black boots and sitting on that white fur covered bench – She looks smoking hot in that picture. at other times it’s those pictures of Her wearing a business suit and smoking a cigar. and then there are all those other pics that drive me (and probably any male) absolutely crazy.

Goddess Devon is truly that – a Goddess. No, correction – Goddess Devon is THE Goddess.


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