my x-mas wishlist

December 23, 2006 at 4:05 pm (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

when i was growing up, this time of year was the best. i looked forward to it all year and then then about a month before x-mas i used to dream about all the stuff i was going to get or hoped to get. now, all i want to do is give – and not to charities or to people i daily interactions with. no. i want to give to Goddess Devon. one day, i hope to give Goddess Devon everything and anything that Her heart desires.

as i’ve mentioned before, my funds aren’t exactly up to snuff. hopefully soon though, i’ll be able to do more and more for Goddess Devon. She does deserve it – and more.

well, as you can imagine, i woke up again this morning thinking of Goddess Devon, so i logged on to see some of Her pictures. i noticed that i received a message from Goddess through talksugar. unfortunately i still don’t have enough credit to open the mail. hopefully within the week i’ll be able to see what Goddess Devon has said to me. i can hardly wait!

remember – serve Goddess Devon, and your life will have meaning.


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