Musings of a lozer

December 20, 2006 at 12:51 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

what’s new in the life of devonslozer? well, besides my mind belonging totally to Goddess Devon, not much. as soon as my alarm went off this morning, my mind was thinking about Goddess Devon and it hasn’t stopped. i think my mind is already fully programmed as Goddess Devon’s. i am constantly thinking about Her, hoping that She is doing well, and wondering what i could do to make Her life even better than it already is. now, mind you, i am fairly certain that there is very little i could do that would actually improve Goddess’ life. i mean, Her life would be magnificent with or without me rummaging around. i can only hope that i can amuse Her in some way.

as soon as i came in from work today, i immediately went to vote for Goddess Devon’s toplist sites. i wish i could vote for them all night to let all the slaves of the world know that Goddess Devon is the best in the world and that there is no one else that can hold a candle to Her amazing self.

i forgot to mention yesterday that i have applied for another credit card in order to hopefully give Goddess Devon more of what She deserves – which is everything and anything that She wants. i hope to hear back from them soon, as i crave to give more. it hurts so good to give me. i went online today to look at my bank statement. i almost threw up when i saw my double digit balance. but then i thought about Goddess Devon and that She would probably be smiling and/or laughing if She could actually see my account. i also was wondering what Goddess was able to get from VS from the egift card i was able to give Her. i wish i could see Goddess Devon in whatever She decided to buy – wow, what a treat that would be.

thank You Goddess Devon for allowing me to post about You and my servitude to You and Your Greatness.


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