Totally Consumed

December 19, 2006 at 4:01 am (Goddess Devon, Mistress Devon, Princess Devon)

my mind, although probably as small as my member – maybe even smaller, is totally consumed by Goddess Devon. every second of every minute of the day is being spent thinking about Goddess Devon.

i am sitting here at home, wondering how Goddess is doing. i hope that She has had a great day and an even better night. i sit here wondering if She will aprove of these posts. i can’t stop thinking about Goddess.

as soon as i got home today, i immediately went to vote for Her sites on all the links She has given me. i sat here hoping that this would please Goddess. this is the first day in the past 3 where i haven’t spoken directly to Goddess Devon. wow – i can’t believe that it is affecting me this much. i keep looking at my email, looking for any sign of Goddess wanting to communicate with me. i was soooo excited when Goddess actually left comments to some of the posts on this site. but i crave more. i’ve visted all of Goddess’ sites and have been staring at Her beautiful image all night long.

i have such a strong desire to win Goddess Devon’s approval. i hope that Goddess sees this post and commands me to do something else for Her amusement. every time i think of doing more for Her i get scared. i want to become the best slave Goddess Devon has under Her control. i wish i knew how to make this site better for Her.

i have been on keen’s site tonight for a couple of hours, just watching and re-watching the video clip Goddess Devon put out there. Goddess made that video from the first night that i called Her. it reminds me of the day that i started the process of becoming a Devonite.
i have entered into Goddess Devon’s charity program. this is Goddess’ definition of the program:
Goddess Devon “designed this program to bring out those who are truly commited to serving and becoming a real loyal obediant pet for a beautifully hot and terribly manipulative young seductress… if you wish to finally have your place in this world, feel some self-worth, begin a daily worship routine of servitude all to a true modern day Cleopatra that wouldn’t give you the time of day otherwise then you know what to do don’t you tool…” Obey and worship Goddess Devon. you can sign up through the keen link to the right.

Goddess Devon is truly superior in all ways.


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